Self-Compassion for Healthcare Communities:

Self-Compassion Training for Healthcare Communities (SCHC) is a 6-hr evidence-based healthcare adaptation of Mindful Self-Compassion, the empirically supported program of Dr. Kristin Neff at UT Austin and Dr. Chris Germer at Harvard Medical School. This brief training aims to improve wellbeing and personal resilience in healthcare professionals by teaching mindful self-compassion skills to deal with distressing emotional situations as they occur at work and at home.

Research completed by Neff and colleagues in 2020 found that the training significantly decreased depression, stress, secondary traumatic stress and burnout, and increased self-compassion, mindfulness, compassion for others, and job satisfaction in healthcare professionals.

Introduction to Mindfulness and Self-Compassion

This 60 to 90-minute workshop is designed to provide an introduction to mindfulness and self-compassion skills and to offer resources for building resilience in the face of daily stressors. Both conceptual and experiential self-compassion and mindfulness teachings are offered. Common fears about becoming more self-compassionate and the physiology of self-criticism will be explored, as well as how to work with any discomfort that may arise during these practices. Most importantly, several simple, brief, and practical mindfulness and self-compassion exercises will be practiced.